Thoughtful features built to save you time and money while increasing donor engagement and maximizing online donations

HiRaiser features


Functional Design

Campaign/donate pages with bold, responsive designs, progress bars, and engaging, optimized UI/UX.


Your brand and your organization take center stage, while HiRaiser stays in the background.

Custom Domain

Pages are hosted using your domain, increasing engagement and donor confidence.

Dedications Gallery

A searchable, sortable gallery of dedication options for item-based campaigns.

Virtual Tour

Click-through floor plans for capital campaigns to highlight dedicated spaces and opportunities.


Event reservations, embedded livestream, and virtual event journal all on your campaign page.

Social Media

Integrated social share tools and promotional image and copy for social media posting.


Engage our team for creative services (design, writing) and custom development work.

Coming soon

Email Marketing

In Development: A built-in HiRaiser email marketing system to send and track the effectiveness of your solicitation emails.



Peer-to-peer campaigns raise awareness and spread a wider net for potential donors.

Thank You Emails

An instant, personalized thank you email from you acknowledging each donation or pledge.

Donor Lists

Honor donors and encourage others using a live donor list with custom display options.

Donor Wall

Score donor recognition points with a customizable Donor Wall for your organization or campaign.

Virtual Event Journal

Create a customized journal for your dinner or other event, with photos, comments and more.

Real-Time Analytics

Robust analytics built into the HiRaiser dashboard, plus automatic integration with Google Analytics.

Coming soon

HiRaiser AI

In Development:
A patented donor cultivation tool powered by artificial intelligence using deep data analysis.



Connect to your existing credit card payment gateway, giving you instant access to incoming funds.


Measure the success of your Adwords, Facebook and other campaigns using tracking tools.


Syc donations into your existing CRM using a custom API integration configured for you.


Automated integration with Cloudflare for site security and dynamic domain/DNS management.

Coming soon

Auto Tax Receipts

In Development:
Automated PDF tax receipts attached to donor thank you emails.

Coming soon

Salesforce Plugin

In Development:
A plug and play Saleforce CRM integration, with customizable settings.



Intuitive user interface with a wide array of options puts control over campaign settings and content at your fingertips.


Download detailed donation reports for analysis and system integrations.


Dedicated customer service and tech support for you and your donors via email, WhatsApp and live chat.

Coming soon

HiRaiser CRM

In Development:
A comprehensive CRM platform seamlessly integrated within HiRaiser.


PCI DSS Compliant

Our forms and integrations surpass the highest standards of encrypted transaction security.

Extreme Privacy

We take privacy, security and system integrity very seriously.

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Multi-layered system detects and mitigates fraudulent submissions and transactions from humans and bots.

Data Security

Multiple backups and redundancies ensure the safety, security and accessibility of your data.

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